Friday, February 8, 2013

I Only Post Yearly, As You Can See!

Woooow I know I'm pretty much talking to ghost on here, but I can't believe I haven't post anything on here since last year lol. Anyways I've been working on my art and I figured since I'm showing my work to other people I might as well post em on my blog...I mean that's what its here for.

This is Thingamajig he is devastated, because no one wants to hug him (don't ask!)

I call this one (All Mine) It was a weird dream I had of a gorgeous girl driving a computer chair, so I drew it from memory the best I could.

Mr. Nose Picker

 Made my brother into a cool superhero character of his own (can you see the du-rag reference?)

I'm a huge TMNT fan, but don't ask me which turtle I just drew.

 So I was reminded recently that if you can draw the human figure you can pretty much draw anything, so I will commence the figure drawing sketches on the daily

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